Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brave New Booklist

One of my readers (a giant group of 3 or 4, depending on what my mom is doing) requested that my blog needs a "comprehensive reading list" so I can be her "own personal Oprah." While I'm working on that monster project (who doesn't want to be Oprah?) I'll instead offer up my current reading list which will hopefully suffice. It's a pleasant mix of fiction, braver fiction, cookbooks, and the inevitable self-improvement guides. Some of it is defensive reading -  people relentlessly mention that my blog manifesto, or whatever the subheading I have mentioning vegan muffin recipes is called, is misleading as the blog has no vegan muffin recipe on it. Thus the vegan cookbook. It also falls under the category of self-improvement (new year's resolution: more veggies) and braver fiction (a world without dairy).

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sarah said...

What's your favorite recipe so far out of the new cookbook? Not that I don't love my ready-to-eat organic soup collection, but one can only eat out of a can so many nights a week.