Monday, February 18, 2008

A Lovely Day of Nothing Much.

Things to do when you have a sunny Monday off:
1. Fix up the french press and read french poetry (hmm, or maybe just In Style) in the sun.
2. Sort the piles in your apartment into smaller, more specific piles.
3. Arrange the smaller piles with a path of logic that will allude you 15 minutes later.
4. Watch an entire season of Arrested Development, and then wonder where the time went.
5. Print & fold a Que Bird:
6. Replant a spider baby from the spider plant, and pray that it survives your haphazard repotting.
7. Avoid leaving the house at all costs, even if it means cleaning the kitchen.
8. Pedicure, and more Arrested Development!
9. Figure out how to gussy up the five dollar cabinet you bought at the ReStore yesterday...
10. Nap on the porch-couch. It's been a busy day of nothing much.

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