Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When in Rome...

This weekend I rented DANS PARIS with the intention of doing something a little highbrow (it was an event, really, as even the wine I was drinking was French). As one of the video store professionals at Movie Madness handed over the DVD, he encouraged me to read the note on the inside cover of the disk before looking at the label on the front. Mildly alarmed, but amused, I did exactly as he suggested once I got home. (For non-PDXers, Movie Madness is arguably the greatest video store in the United States - officially, it's the largest independent one. The Who's Who (and aspiring Who's) of the Portland film scene can be found there any night (either checking out movies or working in a coveted job behind the counter), debating the finer points of obscure films in its narrow isles.) There's no shortage of opinions over what makes something a great movie at Movie Madness.
Anyway, the note on the inside...

Note to Movie Madness:

This film is entitled Dans Paris, which means "In Paris". There should be no apostrophe separating the "N" and the "S" on the cover of the clear case! Cheers!

Response from Movie Madness (Pink highlights, all caps):

Additional response evidenced on the cover: