Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aargh. Friday, yet?

yo ho ho and batten down the hatches (until friday)
photo from mimi k's flickr page

Forgive me for scouring Wednesday's freshly printed Willamette Week for weekend activities when we've got two more days until TGIF, but it was One. Long. Day. I wasn't disappointed in the results (I love Portland). This weekend, I can mix up my regular farmer's market visit with "Medieval Market Day" in Beaverton, attend the Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival (seriously), or the Miss White Trash Pageant at Dante's. Friday, I'm ready.

Oh, and the Portland Pirate Festival at Cathedral Park. Obviously, I'll be there.

{...and pleasepleaseplease, if you enjoy indie press, help save BITCH magazine, another Portland treasure. They need a pretty penny to make it to press this month.}


janet said...

You will have to let us know how the Pirate Festival goes.....

tyesha said...

Sauerkraut Festival? Awesome! hubby has some brewing in the basement. this is the first time we made it but so far so good.

i am totally entering the Miss White Trash Pageant.Ha! Just kidding but it would be funny. sound fun.