Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Respect the cupcake!

Heaven in a wrapper - Toasted Coconut Cream!

I never got more web traffic than I did a few months ago when I posted a singular picture of a lemon cupcake from Saint Cupcake. That was cool, though, because I love them too. One of my favorite blogs (and daily haunts) is sfgirlbybay. I was thrilled to see that today's guest blogger (sfgirlbybay's on vacation in Thailand) is Mrs. French, a fellow PDX blogger. And for her first guest blog, she did a lovely interview with the folks at one of my favorite places on earth, right down the street from mouse house - Noun (also home to south east Portland's branch of Saint Cupcake). Speaking of Saint Cupcake, it's somebody's birthday, mind the cupcake.


Sarah O. said...

Noun. Book it. See you tomorrow.

Mrs.French said...

I am so happy we found one another...xo

Amy said...

All the best things are in PDX. I want to be there too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDEN!