Monday, April 28, 2008

Girls in Pearls?

My alma mater got a shout-out on Slate Magazine today. Gotta love the article title, "What Would Smith Do?", on the shrinking endowments of the wealthiest colleges, and how Smith's bucking the trend. It's nearly 4pm, and my brain is a bit fuzzy (that last drop of coffee consumed at least five hours ago...) but I have two, completely unrelated thoughts on this:

1. I would KILL to be the person at Slate who comes up with witty article titles and sub-captions. Some of my favorites from last week:

"Don't TNT me, Bro (The Moral Logic of Suicide Bombing)"
"The Pilgrim's Progressiveness (Does going to Mecca Make Muslims more Moderate?)"
"Gates Celebrates Dissent (The Generals Quash it)"
"Elizabeth Edward's Chutzpah (Plus - Obama, from Cling to Ping!)", Slate, call me!

And, 2. (actually related to the article): You don't actually have to have your own set of pearls to attend Smith, they have a pearl-lending program (just kidding). Four years at Smith was hardly a free ride, but I actually got a better deal financially than high school friends who headed off to good old University of Washington in Seattle (and, undoubtedly, I had more fun and got to live on a beautiful, Frat Row-less campus). As the article notes, more than 25% of Smith students qualify as low-income. (Dark Cloud Disclaimer: I probably won't be student loan free till 2015.) So my point is...well, anyway, check out the article.

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