Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Our Children Learning? Probably not.

At this stage in the game ("the game": a euphemism I like to use to refer to the unfathomable tragedy of the Bush Regime; sort of a cognitive Band-aid for Eden's brain) I don't make light of Bush's idiocy. The jokes feel pointless, like making a witty remark about Herman riding home on the short bus. Sure, it was witty, but - that's Herman, man, even if Herman does bite!

At lunch today I was reading Publisher's Weekly and saw something hard to ignore: [President Bush's proposed 2009 budget eliminates all funding for Reading is Fundamental's book distribution program, which since 1966 has provided more than 325 million books to more than 30 million underprivileged children. the program has funding through September 2009 but if eliminated, nearly five million kids will not receive some 16 million books in 2010. Visit www.RIF.org to send an email to Congress in support of the program.]

I know Bush as a case study shows that even the finest education in the country won't save some, but it's a start. I shutter to think that the RIF budget was slashed to provide us with a few more seconds of destruction in Iraq. As Bush himself warns, "Then you wake up...and find out that the illiteracy level of our children are appalling." Well put, Herman.


sharon.horowitz said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know who Herman is?

Eden From Sweden said...

Dear Sharon,
Herman! The proverbial kid on the short bus! Did you write your email - to save his access to free books?

janet said...

You should send this blog to your congressman. Good article! The only thing better is if you knew a child who benefited from this program to introduce your story.

Eden From Sweden said...

I'll see what Herman's up to...