Monday, August 18, 2008

Fat Purple Figs.

fig! mama's on fire!

After several days of 100-plus degree heat in Portland, I awoke this morning to heavy thunder and - yes! - a chilled rain. If you live in Portland (and enjoy it), you share my sick love affair with rain. And it's been so long. So tonight after work, I celebrated being able to cook in the kitchen again, without feeling sweaty and faint. I tore up the kitchen, kids. Both Zucchini Stuffed with Marco's Pistou and Tomatoes Stuffed With Pasta Salad (giant 1.5 pound babies I procured at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Saturday). Tomorrow, since the 70ish temperatures are sticking around, I'm tackling the Grilled Rainbow Chard with Fava Beans and Oregano, and this *swoon* recipe for Fig and Port Ice Cream (did I mention I got my hands on an almost-new Cuisinart ice-cream maker this weekend at a neighbor's yard sale for seven bucks, which means I can rationalize buying port for a recipe?)

Oh man, Martha. Be jealous. Very, very jealous.


Sarah O. said...

Oh man. That sounds so good. And I thought my spinach and mushroom stuffed shells were good... mere child's play next to Eden's culinary delights.

Tai said...

I have to say that those were the most amazing left-overs that I have ever had. I really enjoyed the zucchini one! Thanks!

janet said...

Wow! I am impressed! I made a recipe today, but by the time that I substituted dried herbs for fresh, canned corn for off the cob, bottled garlic for fresh chopped, canned chili's instead of fresh chopped, etc. etc., it didn't turn out quite the same. Yes, there were no leftovers, because after lunch, it went right to the trash! So cook on, and I will read about your triumphs instead of my own!