Thursday, March 5, 2009

Go, go rainbow.

Portland's rain bring plenty of lovely rainbows
Photo by WooJay

My response to this is this; and to this is this.


Kierstin Bridger said...

Clever POST!
Love it.

Amy said...

I'm (un)lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit each one of those cities. The only places that I can see fitting into an "Unhappy" category are Detroit (#1) and St. Louis (#2). (Granted, my St. Louis experience was spending too much time at the Bus Station in the wee hours of the morning). Plus NYC should rank up there too, right?

janet said...

Very clever post indeed. My response to this is this: I love Portland! The beautiful landscape! The mountains! The Gorge! The quirky houses on every block with the lovely rhododendrons in the yards! The great restaurants and cafes of every nationality! The Saturday Market! The cultural diversity! The shows! The speakers from everywhere! Wordstock! The river(s)! The Mass Transit! The downtown! The Parks! The Museums! The Library! The historical houses! Movie Madness! What's not to love?