Monday, March 2, 2009

Read it. Eat it.

Collage by sethurner

I just sat down with a fresh cup of tea, a stolen cutie, and fifteen minutes of free time. I checked out one of my favorite foodie blogs (Stickyrice - it's my dream to live in beautiful Hanoi and just eat my way through the city like these folks do). Stickyrice mentioned their blog's presence on a list of the "50 best food blogs in the world" curated by The Times in London (included in the top ten were two of my favorites: Orangette and 101 Cookbooks.) While I doubt it's a perfect top 50 (aren't the best foodie blogs still undiscovered or underappreciated?), I'm excited to chew on their choices. After work, of course.

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Alba said...

Hi. You could come and eat here if you wanted:
We do sticky rice sometimes, too.