Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fools in Love

Images from Kate Hutchinson's photo project, "why am I marrying him?"
Marriage has been on my mind lately. Mostly because I'm so very far from it, and all my friends ("all" might be a bit dramatic, but "almost all" certainly is true...) have been falling in love, and soon after or soon to come, marriage. And as I laid awake last night around 3am, after being rocked out of sleep by a screaming couple on the sidewalk (or maybe, less romantically, it was a prostitute and her pimp... I feel like the human connection on Belmont at 3am is especially suspect) I had to wonder: Why are they together?

Not being in a serious relationship makes me examine relationships I encounter like I would a bug under a microscope. Horribly romantic, I know, but I still think it's a fair game: Why do we love who we love? More practically, what would make us seriously commit? Apartment Therapy just blogged on the artist Kate Hutchinson, who has done a photo series of candids of her husband-to-be. Clicking through the thoughtful photos, I was reminded that what makes you commit isn't something that can be easily pinpointed, especially not under a microscope. The fondness she clearly has for "her subject" is present, but oh so undefinable.

...much like love itself, I guess is the answer.

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andrea said...

oh, this is great... love the idea behind that project, I really do.

by the way, thanks for the linkage! much appreciated!