Thursday, July 10, 2008

Limited Edition: Eden from Sweden

I promise that this post will not turn into a sappy love letter to Portland. That said, I - who loves arts and crafts, and carving my signature into anything I can - am in love with the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC). I finally hit the new members orientation tonight, after three years of empty promises to myself that I would go. After taking Introduction to Letterpress at the Oregon College of Art and Craft last fall (where professional graphic artists envied my writing skilled and pitied my spacial sensibilities) , I knew I had to get my hands on more pretty. Of course I love the written word, but something about making it aesthetically pleasing - oh, my. I've got the rest of my summer plotted out: Print Gocco Basics, followed up with Intro to Hot Stamped Foil and...oh, MAYBE the 3-day print camp that covers letterpress, print gocco, mimeograph, relief printing, paper making and bookbinding. Could anything be more heavenly?

Flashy communication options for the proletariat at the IPRC, above the equally lovely indie store Reading Frenzy...

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Liz said...

This sounds heavenly. I wish I lived there!