Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Salmon and Solstice, Oh My!

Seward, Alaska

Brooklyn and NoCal contemplate the Alaskan yurt lifestyle...

Exit Glacier, outside Seward

A little over a week ago, I traveled to Alaska for the first time. A good friend from college was getting married to, we all agree on this point, the perfect guy. The wedding was one-of-a-kind, looking out over the soaring mountains, and because it was on the summer solstice, the sun didn't set until well after 1am. Then S. and I headed off to Seward for a few days, to check out the glaciers and wild life...a lovely, lovely experience, every minute of it. I was so happy to see my dear Smithies again - of course, I miss you more than ever now...

What are you looking at, Tourist?

Flamingos roaming the shore of Seward, Alaska

Seward Marina, Seward, Alaska

There was a ridiculous amount of gorgeous pictures of the bride.
This is my favorite, though.

The beautiful and happy couple...

The breathtaking view coming into Homer. We couldn't believe that each summer, K came home from college to a place like this - wow.

Thanks to K & D for the lovely time!


janet said...

A story in pictures!! How great! Of course, words couldn't compete with these pictures. My next trip is definitely going to be to Alaska!! Congratulations to the wonderful bride and groom -- I hear they are the perfect people and couple!

Sarah said...

Oh, the pretty! (Though I am surprised the onion tea fiasco didn't make the cut.)