Monday, July 14, 2008


Out on the streets of Portland you're bound to find the beautiful and unusual (sometimes packaged together, sometimes not).  I hit the Mississippi Street Fair in North Portland with my sister on Saturday and - despite it being in the high nineties - we lingered for quite a while, only stopping to refresh ourselves with thyme iced tea at Fresh Pot. Here's a recap of the sights, if you missed them:

Street fair goers cooling their heels under the facade of the D.I.Y.'ers dream, 

The bumble-bee was really rocking out.

Mississippi was packed. 
A big crowd favorite was the guy trying to work his way out of a toilet seat.

There were lots of fancy booths devoted to keeping Man's Best Friend cool, but my favorite was the simple dish outside one of Mississippi's gardening shops. 

The end.

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tyesha said...

oh, i was so sad to miss this. I just started working on mississippi a couple months ago. i love it there.